Monday, 5 March 2012

Mission Accepted

Here is the start of my new blog!!! *cheers for self* the start of a new ERA!.....or maybe not. Anywhooo on this blog I will be posting about my current mission in life to become a childrens illustrator!! WOOP!! as well as sharing artists/ films that inspire me.

To start off as I am a big fan of animation and I am very excited to see it!! I want to share a trailer for The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (previously named The Pirates! Band of Misfits) By Aardman. This is the first animated film for a long while that I genuinely feel excited about.

I love Stop Motion animation the work that goes into making these films making the models and sets by hand amazes me, this style definitely inspires me more than 3D CGI animation. Don't get me wrong I still love 3D animated films I mean who couldn't love Wall-e or Mike Wazowski (and yes I checked the internet for the spelling of his surname... thought it started with an R learn something new everyday!) Anywhoo I feel traditional animation 2D and Stop Motion have something extra that 3D is sometimes lacking and tends to inspire me more.

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