Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Idea

I came up with a new idea of a story or at least something I could design characters and storyboard part of the story for. Thinking of a complete story isn't my strong point at the mo =S

Basically its about about a little girl who has lost her panda bear, she asks her older brother if he knew where panda is. he only says "maybe" "maybe not" she then tells her mum and as its late she tells her they will look for her in the morning (she then goes to sleep) the little girls cuddly toys then wake up and decide that the older brothers cuddly toys have taken panda hostage. They then start a plan to save Panda. (thats the rough idea lol)

Characters i've thought of so far are

Little Girls Cuddly Toys (the good guys)

Lion - The leader of the gang whos a knight but a coward....
Elephant - Whos a Pirate and is the brave one of the bunch
Pig- whos a wizard, he's the brains.

These 3 are the heroes for the story. we then have:

Bunny- Is Panda's best friend so is sad she's lost, acts cutesy, VERY clumsy, decides to follow the rescuers.
Giraffe- The Lookout, Transport
Panda- Forgetful, gets lost all the time.

Older Brothers Cuddly Toys (Bad Guys)

Frog- EVIL prince (hates being called prince (which he is) prefers KING)
Spider- Spy
Monkey- Hyper, Mischievous, sets booby traps
Mouse- Ninja
Bear- Bouncer to older brother's room

Here are couple quick concept images

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