Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sink City

This is my Sink City double page spread. I used watercolour, colour pencil and sketching pencil to do this. This picture drove me slightly insane mainly because of the people as I find it challenging drawing small =S I wanted the houses to be bright and colourful and the people to be black and white for them to stand out. unsure whether this works... my favourite is the character sitting on top of the spray bottle =). I did mess up a bit with the picture being a bit central so with the fold line some of the people may be lost a bit =S. I did enjoy using colour pencil for a change especially after I got myself some new Faber Castell ones to try which are sooo much better than what I had before (you can tell the difference in the red the left bottle I used my old colour pencils and the right spray cans door is with my new pencils so much brighter!) If I was to do this again I would place the people further away from the centre line!! and change the overall composition so it wasn't so central.

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