Wednesday, 14 November 2012


My picture for this weeks Illustration Friday word Tree. I sort of prefer them as individuals think they look a bit better as close ups apart from the boy at the bottom =/. This was fun to do as I tried to mix watercolour with digital so the tree was done traditionally but the leafy bit didn't look to good so added a filter to it which I think turned out quite nice. I'm still not confident with making pictures digitally but practise practise =D Past few weeks have been a "I can't draw everything looks rubbish!!" mood but making pictures for illustration friday theme every week helps motivate me to make at least something that week =S 


  1. I like the close-ups too, including the bottom one! I love the girl with the book! I've had a lot of that everything-looks-like-rubbish feeling too, but IF is definitely a nice push!

    1. Thank you =) the girl with the book is my favorite =D