Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fiery Fred Digital Colour

I didn't manage to get this done for last Friday but luckily I thought this would work for this weeks illustration Friday word wings. I haven't finished the whole of this image yet which is why its only a section. But I have all the colours sorted I think =S

And here is the finished digital version.

Here is a watercolour version with an inked outline I am trying to experiment with different mediums.

This last version was a mixture of colouring pencils and watercolour. 

I have found it very useful colouring this image with different mediums as it has shown me which mediums were more effective. I think the last image was the most successful as I think it has more texture, the colours are more vibrant and the characters stand out instead of blending into the background like the previous images. The digital image I don't think worked at all its very flat and the characters blend into the background . I also feel the facial expressions were lost in the digital in comparison to the other images. It did however help me with working out what colours I wanted to use. The watercolour and line image I feel works better than the digital because the line helps to make the image clearer. However I prefer the line on its own in comparison to the colour, I'm not sure why that is might be because the colour are too washed out. The last image didn't turn out completely as I wanted but I think it worked well. I wanted it to have more texture and brighter colours as the original image became quite dark. I then adjusted it a little on Photoshop to give it more light and shade and think it improved. I think the path could have worked better with more detail and possibly the thatched roof as well. 


  1. I think I actually prefer your watercolour version to your digital one. The digital picture looks very flat but the watercolour gives it life. The flames definitely look better in watercolour.

    Love cousin Helen xx

    1. yeah I agree digital one is flat! I always prefer my pictures before their coloured =S Practise! practise!